I recently released an app to the iOS app store which helps change behaviours using hypnosis. The main problem I’m having is figuring out when we should begin charging the users for a subscription. The long term business model will be that users can change one behaviour free (e.g Decrease Procrastination) and then will pay a subscription fee ($10-$15) each month to have access to all the other behaviours. However, currently we aren’t sure what area we should target our branding, so our plan was to release the first version free and then use the data to analyze the 4 areas (Productivity/Performance, Anxiety, Habits, Sleep) to see which area is most listened to and compare them. Then once we get this data, we would release a new version with more branding and also release the subscription model. I’ve read that you should start charging at day 1, but it doesn’t make sense to me to charge before I even know the direction of the app, which is based on what the data shows is the biggest problem for our users. Has knowing when to begin charging ever been a problem for you? If so, how did you decide when to start? Also, will users dislike the change from everything being free to locking the behaviours unless they subscribe?

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