In 2014, purchased for $19 billion, making its co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton extremely well off men. While Koum is the present CEO of the messaging , Acton left the organization not long ago. Yet, fellow benefactor Brian Acton advised everybody to Facebook from their digital life.

This development is an after effect of a data breach scandal that included a voter-profiling organization Cambridge Analytic, which accumulated the data of 50 million Facebook improperly to help control decision battles for Donald Trump and the master Brexit camp. In the United Kingdom, where it has been demonstrated that Cambridge Analytic helped the Pro-Brexit battle, there are calls for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to come affirm before them.

- brian - Delete Facebook Account Says WhatsApp Co-founder

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- Android - Delete Facebook Account Says WhatsApp Co-founder

It was vague whether Acton’s about Facebook reach out to his own particular application. In any case, a month ago, Acton put $50 million into Signal, a philanthropic association that administers the scrambled informing application Signal.

Brian Acton has dependably had an affinity for supporting security. Back in its soonest days, Whats App’s expressed objective was to never profit from ads. At each organization that offers ads, a critical bit of their designing group spends their day tuning information mining, composing better code to gather all your own information, updating the servers that hold the information and ensuring it’s all being logged and examined and cut and bundled and dispatched out. Digital Criminals utilizing Malvertising Campaign to infuse coinhive Cryptocurrency Miner utilizing Google Double Click Ads and sent it on real sites. So it seems user are thinking weather to delete Facebook account.

Brian Acton is the most prominent to do as such, which will no uncertainty humiliate for Facebook, which is confronting various examinations, a tumbling stock cost, and inquiries concerning its present administration. Facebook is additionally enduring a genuine money related shot and lost more than $50 billion market valuation.

- facebook - Delete Facebook Account Says WhatsApp Co-founder

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